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Definitely a must have

“This creamy gel sits on my night stand and is the first thing I use when I sit up. It feels so smooth and smells great. I can tell it is working the results are amazing. My skin feels great and smooth. Will definitely buy again. Thanks KOI.”

Mary H.

Verified Buyer

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First time purchase

“First time user and I wasn't sure what strength I should buy so I went for the middle 500mg. I must say that this stuff really works! I feel calm and I've been getting really good sleep! I highly recommend Koi hemp extract to all of my friends and family and to whomever is reading this review.”

Edward F.

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Clear, healthy skin

“I've been using this face wash for the past couple months, and have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin (most notably a reduction in breakouts). The product has a pleasant, citrusy scent and you only need to use a small amount for it to be effective. It does not cause dryness or irritation like many other brands I've used.”

Allison F.

Verified Buyer

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