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14th Apr 2021

Hemp 101: A Guide From Koi

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Ever since the United States Food & Drug Administration passed the 2018 Farm Bill, people are enjoying a wide variety of hemp products nationwide. The feedback has been great, so it’s easy to see why hemp products are gaining massive popularity among individuals looking to experience an improved feeling of general wellness. But what is hemp? Where does it come from and how is it used? If you’re looking for answers, read our in-depth guide – Hemp 101.

What Exactly is Hemp Extract?

Hemp contains over a hundred plant compounds. It’s become increasingly popular as a plant-based option and many customers claim to experience positive benefits from taking hemp as a supplement. Upon entry in the user's body, hemp extract acts on the receptors located throughout the body. This helps to balance many bodily functions and support a sense of wellness.

How is Hemp Extract Produced?

A naturally-occurring substance, it can be extracted from the oil produced by the hemp plant. The hemp is farmed on US soil and harvested when the fully-developed buds contain a maximum amount of this oil. We separated hemp extract from the plant material in a process called extraction. This yields what is known as full spectrum hemp extract. It’s called full-spectrum because it contains all of the compounds that the plant naturally produces. You can also isolate various compounds for different purposes.

What are the benefits of hemp?

Hemp is known to help support both mind and body. It’s continuously gaining popularity as more individuals find ways to include the product in their daily routines. Some of the benefits of hemp that consumers have mentioned are:

Overall Health and Well-Being

Users have mentioned feeling support like more restful sleep, and this, in return, improves productivity, calmness and more.

Support for the Mind and the Body

In this whirlwind we call life, users report that hemp provides them with feelings of calmness.

Hemp Helps You Find Balance

People tend to overthink things – it’s only natural, but it causes a lot of stress. It’s good to create space for yourself to reflect and unwind. Once you relax, often enough, everything falls into place. Hemp extract can go a long way in helping with this. Users report finding calm after taking Koi products, which can help you focus and make good decisions.

Types of Hemp Products and Their Uses

Hemp products are commonly found as ingestibles or topicals. Their uses depend on what you’re personally looking for. We offer a variety of hemp products for a variety of uses.

Ingestible Hemp

A lot of hemp products are to be taken orally. From tinctures and gel capsules to gummies and food/beverage add ins. It’s up to you how you prefer to get your daily dose!

Topical Applications

Many hemp products can be applied topically as well. From creams and balms, to skincare, hemp is finding its way into products across the country to help with pain, aches and even anti aging, according to reports from users.

Hemp for Pets

Our pets, like cats and dogs, react to hemp very similarly to us humans. From calming to achiness, hemp has been reported to offer support for pets young and old. 

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