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2nd Apr 2021

Certified High Quality Hemp

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At Koi we prioritize the quality and consistency of how our products are produced. We ensure that every Hemp Extract gummy, oil, balm, and all products are thoroughly tested for customer satisfaction. We take great pride in creating our products with the highest quality ingredients and the safest manufacturing practices.

At Koi, we recently received ISO 9001:2015 certification to add into our portfolio of many certifications. If you don’t know what ISO 9001 certification is, it’s the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system and overall business practices. Although this certification is not a legal requirement, we want to give our consumers all the confidence they need in the quality of our products. What this means most of all is that we are actively making improvements to our  business everyday. This includes updating our manufacturing processes, constantly improving the customer experience and ensuring that quality is found in every part of our company. Most of all ISO 9001 champions customer feedback, which means your feedback is a key factor to our continuous improvement. Quality is a mindset that has to be practiced throughout an organization, it means doing things the responsible way with the consumers best interest always in mind. With this certification, we hope to ease the minds of our customers knowing that they are purchasing products that are made to the highest standards.

ISO 9001 is not the only certification that Koi has earned. We have also been certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This certification proves Koi’s commitment to cleanliness and the safety of our products through controlled, hygienic and efficient procedures. We do this to eliminate cross contamination and protect our consumers from contaminants. While our batches are made with care and love it is also a highly controlled process for the safety of our customers. Many retailers and distributors also use this certification to validate the safety of our products. These certifications help differentiate Koi from the competition in terms of quality and business practices. We never want our customers to second guess themselves when consuming our products. Our customers deserve peace of mind knowing that Koi has some of the cleanest, safest and transparent products on the market.

Another certification that Koi has proudly obtained is the Vegan and Vegetarian Certification. A plethora of Koi products are vegan or vegetarian for those with dietary restrictions or preferences. Vegan and vegetarian certified products include Koi’s Hemp Extract Muscle Roll-On Gel, the Naturals Hemp Extract Tinctures line, and the new Anytime and Nighttime Hemp Extract Gummies. To go even further, Koi’s new gummies are also kosher and 100% allergen free. Grab some of our new Hemp Extract gummies here. At Koi, we aim to release more products with these features in order to completely satisfy the needs of our customers with certain dietary restrictions or preferences.

Most certifications are not mandatory, but they are what makes Koi different from the competition. We take the time to ensure that our products are manufactured in a clean and safe environment, along with the highest quality ingredients. Our ISO 9001 and GMP certifications help prove our promise to transparency and traceability with how our products are made. We never want Hemp Extract users to doubt the products they consume, and at Koi, we make sure that never happens.

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