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How we create award winning Hemp products

Watch and learn what it takes to craft Hemp products that live up to the Koi standard, delivering a consistent experience from the potency to the purity, while providing trust through transparency.

Flip through our 6 step process below.

Research & Development Research & Development
USA Grown Hemp USA Grown Hemp
Whole Plant Extraction Whole Plant Extraction
Production & Packaging Production & Packaging
Accredited 3rd Party Testing Accredited 3rd Party Testing
Batch Level Transparency Batch Level Transparency


Step 1

Research & Development

It all starts with an idea or inspiration, from you, our customer. Every day our research and development team looks for feedback from our customers about what we can do to improve your wellness. Whether it’s the flavors or the effectiveness of our products, we won’t rest until you’re satisfied. During our research process we actively look at products and ingredients that can be used to help achieve a daily balance. From there we try different formulations out and gather data on their popularity. Koi Hemp believes that our customers are our best source of innovation and we take your feedback seriously! Seriously.


Step 2

USA Grown Hemp

Producing a Koi product begins with hemp grown by American farmers; pesticide and contaminant free. Koi Hemp is a strong advocate and partner with the Hemp Round Table and Hemp Industries Association. We are heavily involved with furthering the hemp industry to the benefit of American business and public health. USA grown hemp is the pillar of the hemp industry and we are proud to bring this crop to you!


Step 3

Hemp Extraction

Koi Hemp’s Broad Spectrum distillate extract is formulated to preserve naturally occurring cannabinoids and remove Δ9THC, so that it is non-detectable by laboratory analysis. Extracts are produced by first creating a crude plant extract with ethanol. The extract is then further refined by an evaporative thin film distillation process and removes solvents from the extract. Extracts contain a range of cannabinoids in each product and not just Hemp. Every batch of hemp extract is carefully chosen to be made into a Koi hemp product based on its cannabinoid profile and safety.


Step 4

Manufacturing Standards

Koi Hemp products are made in accordance with GMP and ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing standards. We continue to drive the industry towards greater manufacturing standards and business practices. These standards assure to our customers that they are receiving products that are guaranteed to meet label claims. Every batch is carefully crafted and moves through a rigorous quality assurance process before making it to your home! Don’t worry, if it’s something we wouldn’t consume ourselves, we definitely wouldn’t be giving it to you.


Step 5

Quality Control Testing

In order to make a Koi product, all of our ingredients are tested for conformity and scrutinized before being used. Our chemists then test products in-house by a cutting-edge mass spectrometer that is specially engineered to analyze cannabinoids. Finally, all products are tested by a heavily vetted third-party ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for cannabinoids, residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and microbial contamination. Koi Hemp cares about what is going into your body, and we make every effort for our products to support your overall wellness.


Step 6

Batch Level Transparency

All products have published Certificates of Analysis, from a third-party ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, in our effort to provide the most transparent information to empower consumers. Click on our lab results button to look up the results of your product! We encourage consumers to ask questions. Our customer service and science department are here to walk you through the maze of information and satisfy your curiosity. We are here to set the record straight about Hemp wellness!

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